Help Affiliate Managers to Succeed Through Classification

The importance of classifying affiliates as early as possible.
24 February, 2022
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The CPA is only half the story

Grabbing affiliates' attention is hard! They have the traffic. They are influencing the buyer. They have the power to determine if the users choose your brand or one of your competitors. But what is never spoken about are three factors that can have a massive influence on the EPC.
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The Importance of Categorizing Affiliate Types

Categorizing affiliate types empowers businesses to optimize their affiliate marketing program, enhance partner relationships, and align their strategies with the strengths and preferences of different affiliate categories. 
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Forget the Funnel: Why Startups Shouldn’t Obsess Over Marketing Attribution

How you can bridge the attribution gap and get meaningful marketing insights.
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#Sponsored – The FTC’s Crackdown on Influencer Disclosures

Here are some of the key points to note from the FTC’s current guidelines for sponsored content.
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Pro’s and Con’s of Having Affiliate Programs on Multiple Platforms

The desire to get your brand & offers in front of as many affiliates as possible is often tempting, but it’s important to be vigilant about the risks of overwhelming your team & not having a unified view of channel performance.
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The Relationship between Supply Chain Management and Marketing in E-Commerce

Discussing the complicated relationship between supply chain and marketing in e-commerce.
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The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of Cost Per Lead Affiliate Deals

The following gives an overview of why and when to use CPL deals in your affiliate strategy.
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5 Controversial Ways to Save Money

Here are 5 of the more controversial money saving tips we’ve made this year.
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