Auditing – The Your 10k Way

Our audits are a great starting point for founders and investors to gauge the quality of what they have done to date. It allows for fresh eyes to evaluate what’s worked and what hasn’t, how much spend is ineffective, and where the potential growth opportunities lie.
A deep dive into your Paid Search accounts looking at your account structure, match type strategies, bidding strategies, ad strategies and optimisation framework
A deep dive into your Paid Social accounts looking at your account structure, targeting strategies, content strategies, bidding strategies, and optimisation framework.
A deep dive into your organic performance, looking at where the potential opportunity is, and what you are currently achieving.
A deep dive into affiliate and influencer activity evaluating your compensation strategy, outreach strategy, and optimisation framework.
A deep dive into your CRM strategy evaluating your automation and segmentation strategy, customer promotion strategy, and content strategy.
A deep dive into your conversion strategy looking the entire funnel from first click to purchase.

Consulting – The Your 10k Way

Our consulting options are tailor made to ensure you get what you need from the service. They range from 5 hours to 20 hours per week and can be some or all of the below
Marketing partners and influencers
Making introductions to marketing partners and influencers who can help to grow the business.
Marketing team
Work with the Marketing team advising on best practice in all channels
General Growth strategy
Work with founders on C Level on General Growth strategy. This could be with regards to cash flow forecasts, team structure, or investor pitching.

Media Management – The Your10k Way

While Your10k prides itself on providing guidance and advice to founders and team members, and preparing them to operate on their own, we understand that sometimes it makes sense to outsource media buying to an agency.
Operate on a no-risk short term (1 week rolling) contract.
Can manage one channel or a multitude of channels including Paid Search, Paid Social, Affiliate, Influencer, and CRM.
Can work on a flat fee or commission basis.
Will set clear and transparent goals per channel.
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